Trading System,Trading System, purchase and wholesale solution


The system receives goods, delivery, return, billing, record customers' debit & credit history and so on. Trading system is linked to JetPlus, it also can be integrated with other third-party systems.

Smart business owners are looking at business process management, and easy ways to automate their workflows, to achieve a new level of efficiency. Our JetPlus Trading System allow for self-defined customizable workflow in order to best serve it's own business operation. Our powerful features includes the following:

Wholesale Purchasing Product Management
Create Customer Database Create Supplier Database Product Classification
One Sales Order to multiple delivery locations Combine multiple purchase orders Difference product prices & effective dates for different customers
Customer Return Purchase Settlement Multiple prices for one product
Sales Order Outstanding List Supplier Return Multiple descriptions for one product
Consignment & Franchise Purchase Order Outstanding List Multiple barcodes for one product
Multi-channel sales (e.g. Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, etc.) One purchase order can be received multiple times Custom Warehouses (e.g. export warehouse, import warehouse)
Shared function
Different users have different accessible functions
Get default product prices by different customers/suppliers
Related transaction history of each transactions
Historical Prices
Custom Currency Exchange Rates
IMEI number & Serial number
Lot number
Promotion offer
Self-defined workflow
Item Import & Export (via Excel)
Purchase Order/ Sales Order Upload (via Excel)
Add extra items (tax, delivery etc.)
Transaction remarks (Can be not printed on the document)
Custom Reports
For more information, please contact us.
CustomizedWholesalesFlow CustomizedWholesalesFlow2

Each Purchase / Sales Order (PO/SO) related transactions are tracked accordingly for operational efficiency, legal protection, and avoid audit problems.

WholesalesHistory WholesalesHistory2

Save items' and customers' price history.


The system actions that a user can perform are governed by the type of account he or she signs in with. Users with different profiles can have different accessible functions to ensure that each user's credentials and permissions are met.


In addition, users can use tablet for wholesale operation. The salesman can immediately place order in front of customers and able to view the inventory level in real-time. The orders can then be relay to the office directly, eliminating the time for follow-up work. (There is an additional charge for this added module. For details, please contact us.)


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