O2O Solution


  • At the single store level :
    Many online shop owners want to try out a physical store, but they don't want to procure a separate retail system. Our O2O solution has the ability to maintain your ecommerce platform and a simple retail system that you can perform some basic store cashier operations. When your business develops to a certain extent, or requires more complex retail system functions, you may upgrade to a complete system with minimal interruption and lower capital expenditure or operational expenditure.

  • At the retail level :
    In addition to basic functions of the online system, it can be linked to MePOS (POS system of retail store). For example, when entering product information, you only need to enter it once, and then the same goods will appear together in MePOS and online system (Online Shopping Cart); VIP members can have their shopping history captured from both retail stores and online stores, providing the ability for analysis and relationship management.

  • At the wholesale level :
    Different wholesale customers with login credentials have the ability to view different wholesale prices. Those without, such as the "Guest" user, the webpage will only display product names and descriptions, and will not display the prices. Guests can place an order online and will be follow up by the office users whom will expedite the process.


Online Store Features :

Simple and beautiful design which allow the customer complete control of the website.
With a few mouse click and some typing, the owner can setup the online store without any professional IT knowledge.
Mobile version gives a comfortable user experience for mobile users.


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