With our dedicated team, we have designed and implemented our own retail systems that can cover multiple industries and providing our best practices to help businesses adapt to the digital age.


We are a Hong Kong company specializing in POS systems. The POS system is entirely written by Point of Sales Systems. A typical POS system includes a host, touch screen, receipt printer, barcode scanner, credit card reader and cash drawer. The POS system allows stores to trade with customers. It simplifies day-to-day business operations such as sales reporting and analysis, price adjustment, warehouse management, employee management, and customer management. A suitable POS system can save labour and time costs and improve operational efficiency, thereby fuelling business development. The MePOS retail system written regarding the operation of different retail industries, with a thorough understanding of the characteristics of each industry, supported by a team of experienced teams. Existing customer industries include: beauty salons, pharmacies, fashion stores, Chinese medicine clinics, frozen food shops, selectrical appliances, furniture, wine, jewellery stores, and so on.

MePOS Retail System

MePOS System

Covers a wide range of features, such as Sales, Inventory Management, Membership, Sign in/out and various report, manage your small shop with ease.

Beauty Booking System

MePOS Beauty, Booking and POS System

A professional beauty system, link with tablet and smartphone, suitable for beauty salons, spas, massage parlours, pedicures, etc.

Hair Salon System

Hair Salon System

A professional hair salon industry, suitable for single shops and salon chains.

Chain Store Retail Solution

Chain Store Retail Solution

JetPlus provides information between stores and controls the setting of its retail stores, whether direct selling store or franchise stores, with a complete centralized solution.

O2O Solution

O2O Solution

Online stores have become one of the sources of business for small and medium-sized retail enterprises. We have a solution that combines both, full integration of the retail industry.

JetPlus Trading System

JetPlus Trading System

All wholesale and purchase procedures are fully electronically captured to make operations smoother.


Simple Retail Human Resources Management System

A simple retail human resources management system for retail, including the calculation of compensation, roster arrangement, leave application and employee check-in and other functions to simplify workflow and compensation management.


All-in-one Touch POS

The system designed for the way Hong Kong pharmacies operate and the operating interface is easy to use. The system has been pre-loaded with 10,000 product numbers (including drug registration numbers) and is ready to buy.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Consultation System

Electronification of medical records, speeding up dispensing procedures and supporting drug storage management, course of treatment sales and appointment functions.


Frozen Food Shops POS System

The system is specially designed for frozen food shops. Through the system, you can enter various discounts by yourself, it can also connect the PC scales to the cashier, so as to simplify the payment procedure.