MePOS System、Barcode Management (Barcode/QR Code)、Easy-to-use


  • MEPOS system designed for start-ups and small stores :
    We designed an easy-to-use POS for retailers and small businesses, which includes cash register operation, facilitate inventory mangement, simplify customer management and ability to help your business grow. Quick system training will allow your employees to start operating the MePOS system and appreciate the values it will provide.

  • In-depth understanding of industry characteristics & best practices, intuitive & flexible system design, suitable for all retail stores :
    Such as snack shops, fashion shops, cosmetics stores, boutiques, pharmacies, grocery, etc..

  • Export & Import for the data and report :
    Data in POS system, whether member data, project data, etc., can be imported and exported in excel format, and all reports can be exported to excel as well. For migration of legacy system, our API facilitate converting and transforming such data.

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Sales Refund Replacement
Day-end Report Hourly Sales Report Daily Sales Report
Monthly Sales Report Product Classification Report SKU Sales Report
Discount sales report Profit report Sales Report
Supplier receipt Supplier return Product Redeem
Stock take Stock On Hand Report SKU Warehouse
SKU ledger Merchandise activity account New Member Registration Entry
Member History Member Type Member Discount
Member Sales Report Member Points Program Member call List
-out Management Daily Duty Monthly Duty
Duty Report Promotion Set up Item Import & Export (via Excel)
  Custom Sales Reports  

With our close partners, we can assist in the purchase of basic set of hardware for our customer, such as : Touch Monitor and Computer, Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, for more information, please contact us.


Do you want a system designed for pharmacies?

All-in-one Touch POS

Do you have multi-stores?

Chain Store Retail Solution

Do you want a comprehensive Chinese medicine consulting system?

Chinese Medicine Consultation System

Do you need an online store integrated with the current system?

O2O Solution

Do you own a beauty salon?

MePOS Beauty, Booking and POS system

Do you also need a wholesale system?

JetPlus Trading System

Do you want an easy retail payroll management system?

Simple Retail Human Resources Management System

Do you want to know more about hardware?




All-in-one POS

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In line with the busy business environment of the retail industry, the casing and the screen are particularly hard, waterproof and dustproof, and not easily damaged. The computer contains:
  • 6th Generation Intel® Processor
  • Win10 Pro Operating systems
  • Can be added to other devices, such as barcode scanners, fingerprint readers, cash drawers, etc.

Barcode Scanner

Most barcode scanners use a USB connection to the computer, which is ready to use. The types of scanners we offer include:
  • Wireless Barcode Scanner (Bluetooth)
  • Barcode Scanner
  • 2D Barcode Scanner: Can Scan QR Code
  • Desktop Barcode Scanner
  • Portable terminals (Handheld) : Can be used for inventory, warehouse ordering
barcode scanner

Barcode Printer

Support sware of the widest 3-inch barcode paper, custom content formats, etc., Please contact us for enquiry.
barcode printer

Thermal Receipt Printer

Most of them use 80mm wide thermal paper, which can print documents, invoices, shippers, machine papers, etc. Please contact us for enquiry
thermal receipt printer

Cash Drawer

  • Large Size
    460mm (w) X 470 mm (D) X 100mm (H)
    5 bill slots and 8 coin slots (comes with a removable coin compartment)

  • Medium Size
    410mm (w) X 416 mm (D) X 110mm (H)
    4 bill slots and 8 coin slots (comes with a removable coin compartment)

  • Small Size
    360mm (w) X 410 mm (D) X 120mm (H)
    4 bill slots and 8 coin slots (comes with a removable coin compartment)

Contact usto find other sizes of cash drawer.
cash drawer

Fingerprint Reader

Replace the login password, use the fingerprint to identify the user, can be used for system login, employee sign-in and sign-out, etc.
finger print reader

Our Cooperative partner

HP all-in-one