Human Resources Management System, HRMS


  • Simple HR System :
    System users can use the system to calculate front-line employee salaries, including basic salary, commission and attendance bonus, to calculate total salary. Designed for retailers with chain stores, this system is easy to use and also stores the full payroll of employees with an excel sheet.

  • Roster :
    Store manager can use the roster system to arrange the colleagues' duties, and the system can automatically calculate the duration of each employee's duty. Roster system can be linked with booking system, if an employee is on leave, but the customer appoint that employee, a dialogue window will appear to remind the user.

  • Leave Application :
    Employees can login to the system to apply for leave and view the outstanding leave. After employee submits an application, the supervisor will receive an email from the system and simply confirm or reject the application request by pressing the corresponding link.

  • Sign in out :
    Employees can use the fingerprint device (sold separately) or password to sign in and sign out at the store to record the duty time. Office can use the report to view employee working time.

Simple HR System

The system can independently set the basic salary, attendance bonus and so on for each employee.


You can also click on the button in the red box to get the individual salary, commission and other information for each employee from JetPlus.

Press the user maintenance button in the green box to enter the basic information of the employee, such as the date of joining, position, etc.

Press the button in the blue box to import/ export data to excel.


Roster System

Users create the duty code, set the corresponding description, total duration, start time, end time, rest time and other information.

Press “Roster Entry,”enter the corresponding department and date, and press Search.
The User can click the duty code and then click the duties date. After finishing the arrangement, press confirm. The Roster can also be exported to excel.

Leave Application System

The employee clicks on the day when he wants to take leave, input date leave date, reason etc. in the information box prompt up, and pulls down to request approval.

Employees can also apply by mobile phone.

The system will immediately send an auto-email to notify both employees and managers that employees are requesting approval for leave.
The manager can choose to approves/rejects leave.
When the manager approves/rejects leave, the system will automatically send an email to notify the employee.

Sign in out

In MePOS, simply click on sign-in-out button, it will prompt out screen for staff to sign-in or sign-out.
Pressing “Sign In” when starts work, uses can use fingerprint (or input personal user ID & password) to sign in. When off, press “Sign Out” to sign out with fingerprint (or using personal ID & PW).
Reports can be used to show staff’s working time. Select the date, staff and shop to display, print out the report required by the user.


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