Human Resources Management System (HRMS)


  • Simple HR System :
    Our simple HR software enables retailers with chain stores to put people first thanks to a streamlined human resource management. The system is flexible for calculating front-line employee salaries, commission and any additional bonuses through the import function of excel records. We find this to be intuitive and less costly for implementation and allow the flexibility to be catered by any businesses with their own needs. All itemized records imported for salary computation can be catered in their payroll receipts.

  • Roster :
    Investing in the right roster scheduling software lowers overhead costs, provides better schedule coverage and have the ability for managers to identify any short-comings. Our Roster system can be integrated with our booking system (MePOS Beauty & Hair Salon system) such that customer can be prompted in real-time if that stylist or specialist is not available.

  • Leave Application :
    Our solution automates notifications for leave management, allowing small and medium business to effectively apply leave policies, reduce time and increase workforce productivity. Tracking, monitoring, requesting, approving, rejecting and assessing your staff leave information will be available when you need it.

  • Sign in out :
    Our Sign-In/Out function provides you with an accurate picture of who is at work or in the building, with this functionality managers have the ability to display and print out current & historical reports.

Simple HR System

Our HRMS provides accurate, reliable payroll services, time & attendance management, along with maintaining basic profiles for each employee.


Our system allows you to save time when preparing payroll and keeping track of time and attendance. No more bookkeeping and piles of paperwork. Now all the employee records and personnel files will be kept in order. Thus, you will be able to minimize human error and access the data with ease.

From now on you will not face any difficulties with preparing reports and analyzing employee information as all these data can be exported to excel. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and bring your organization on the way to success by using our HRMS.

Recurring monthly salary payment with any changes can be computed in excel and then imported back to the system for payroll processing at a click of a button.


Roster System

By using our Roster System, you gain the flexibility that you need to spend less time dealing with scheduling and more time on what really matters.

Automating these tasks provides numerous benefits. In addition to the core features, here are a few more reasons to consider using this software:
  • Access scheduling data in real-time
  • Reduce adminstrative costs
  • Manage producitivity and scheduling needs
  • roster3

    Leave Application System

    Our leave application system reduces paperwork that is more environmentally friendly and empower your employees and managers to request and manage their leave of absence easily.

    With our mobile apps version, it allow your employees to immediately request & approve the leave of absence anytime and anywhere while they have an internet connection. This will allow valuable business insights into your workforce when you need them and provide accurate overview of different leave balances.

    To ensure all requests are successfully submitted or approved, automatic notifications are sent to the corresponding requestors and approvers for all status changed.


    Sign in out

    MePOS is an independent time and attendance tracking software that can fully replace a current legacy system. No need to invest in expensive InTouch electronic time clocks or install old-school punch-clocks or make your employees use a timesheet.

    With MePOS, your employee can sign-in and sign-out using the time management apps with their personal user ID & password or with fingerprint on the computers or tablets. (fingerprint device sold seperately)

    As with all data being captured, reports can be extracted and printed by date, staff and/or individual stores.



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