Hardware Introduction

All-in-one POS

baby pos
In line with the busy business environment of the retail industry, the casing and the screen are particularly hard, waterproof and dustproof, and not easily damaged. The computer contains:
  • 6th Generation Intel® Processor
  • Win10 Pro Operating systems
  • Can be added to other devices, such as barcode scanners, fingerprint readers, cash drawers, etc.

Barcode Scanner

Most barcode scanners use a USB connection to the computer, which is ready to use. The types of scanners we offer include:
  • Wireless Barcode Scanner (Bluetooth)
  • Barcode Scanner
  • 2D Barcode Scanner: can scan the QR Code
  • Desktop Barcode Scanner
  • Handheld Barcode Scanner : Can be used for inventory, warehouse ordering
barcode scanner

Barcode Printer

Support Supports the widest 3 inch barcode paper , custom content formats, etc., Please contact us for enquiry.
barcode printer

Thermal Receipt Printer

Most of them use 80mm wide thermal paper, which can print documents, invoices, shippers, machine papers, etc. Please contact us for enquiry.
thermal receipt printer

Cash Drawer

  • Large Cash Drawer
    5 bill slots and 8 coin slots (comes with a removable coin compartment)

  • Medium Size
    4 bill slots and 8 coin slots

  • Small Size
    5 bill slots and 8 coin slots (comes with a removable coin compartment)

Contact us to find other sizes of cash drawer.
cash drawer

Fingerprint Reader

Replace the login password, use the fingerprint to identify the user, can be used for system login, employee sign-in and sign-out, etc.
finger print reader


If you only have one store, you can choose to use the external hard disk or USB for data backup.
If you have two branches or more, we recommend installing a server to process a lot of information to enhance the system stability.
You can also choose to rent a Data Centre for an annual fee, suitable for companies that don't want to invest in a server. The advantage is that you don't have to spend time and staff to maintain the server.
*This picture is a schematic diagram. The server consulting service we provide will propose the server that is most suitable for you based on factors such as the different types of retail stores and the frequency of transactions in the store.
If you would like more information about the server or data center, pleasecontact us for details.


We will review the installation environment and your requirements, and propose different brands and different designs of routers to achieve the best performance.


To fully protect your computer and server from malicious programs that can corrupt your computer's data, you need to install anti-virus software. We can also provide advice and quotation for your anti-virus software.


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