Hair Salon POS system

Our Hair Salon Booking System is a simple, flexible and powerful appointment booking system to help your business grow. It will not only save you time in managing agenda tasks, it will also minimize any no-show appointments.

The Booking System is provided with an intuitive back-end booking calendar where the administrator can keep track of all daily appointment scheduling activities and never miss a beat.

It's a perfect solution to all businesses where the hair stylist runs its own show and can help simplify its salon operations.

System Feature

  • Hair stylist Commission Distribution :
    Customer can make an appointment booking for the hair stylist through the system, and the system can calculate the commission distribution according to the hair stylist's payscale and profit sharing, if any.

  • Customer Booking List :
    Boost your appointment bookings by allowing customers to book appointments online. Allowing them to book, cancel or reschedule their own appointment bookings at any time or anywhere with internet access.

  • Sales Report & Activity Dashboard On Mobile Apps :
    The store manager or boss can view the store sales report and keep track of daily appointment scheduling activities on its mobile phone.

Client Booking

Clients can make booking through a specific website. At the website, clients can choose what services they need and select stylist they familiar with. After selecting the booking date & time and finish the booking, a confirmation email states the booking details will send to clients.

Stylists can view their own booking at electronic devices. They can manage their own booking and call to remind clients if necessary.


Hair Salon POS System Functions

With the Softcube solution built specifically for your unique hair salon, you can rest assured our hair salon POS system will revolutionize your salon business. Softcube provides businesses like yours with our powerful suite of tools to help increase sales including: Appointment Scheduling Software, POS Terminals, and all the services during pre-implementation and post-implementation.

MePOS Function Details:

Salary report (calculate the commission distribution according to the different positions) Package & product Inventory Product Renew
Member registration Member registration form - Custom questionnaire Member information report
Member sales report Member Outstanding Treatment Customer appointment report
Appointment for hairstylists and instruments Package Sales & Redeem Sales & Redeem Signature
  Comprehensive report  

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