Chinese Medicine Consultation System


  • Comprehensive diagnosis with computer and reduce complicated procedures:
    Digital ticket: Doctor can monitor patient queueing status.
    Electronic medical record: Doctors can view the patient's detailed medical records to more effectively diagnose.
    Preset common prescription: After storing the prescription, the doctor does not need to enter it every time.
    Document printing: Sign sick leave certificate & invoice based on patient requests.
    Speed up the dispensing process: After the consultation, the pharmacy department will directly receive the prescription and double check with the medicines. System also supports the printing of the drug package label.

  • Membership program & patient follow-up:
    Set up member discount: Different levels of members have different discounts.
    Member call list: The system can view medical records and patient consultation history, treatment appointment status, etc. in real time.
    Health Treatment Redemptions: Record the patient/member's detail sales & redeem history, state expiry date of health treatment, so that staff can make immediate follow-up.

  • Also includes traditional POS features:
    Front-end sales: Few steps to record customers’ sales, such as drug charges, consultation fee, sales of individual products, as well as plastic bags, etc.
    Inventory Management of Drugs: Record expiry date of the drug and real-time inventory. At the same time, the lot number is used in order to speed up the dispensing process.
    Promotion set up: Set discounts for different stored, for the details, can set at JetPlus (backend system).
    Support package sales: For some treatment, such as Chinese medicine weight loss, acupuncture, customers can pre-paid for the package, and then come back for redemption.
    Treatment booking service: can clearly view the appointment status of doctor and room, the timetable is synchronized with the doctor's roster, to avoid booking doctors who is on leave, and also change the booking time easily.


General Consultation & Prescription Input Acupuncture Diagnosis Input Bone-setting Diagnosis Input(can input words & images)
Patient records Prescription printing Drug label printing
Sick Leave Certificate Printing Certificate of Attendance Printing Patient Input & Maintenance
Consultation Registration Support multiple doctors Sales Invoice Printing
Front-end receive payment Front-end product sales Drug inventory management and reporting
Treatment booking system (View booking by lists of doctors) Patient Sales & Treatment History Patient Call List (can call the patient to remind the patient month by month)
Commission Report Sign-in-out Management Sales Report by day, month & year
Custom Sales Report Promotion Set up (e.g. Package Promotion, Product Promotion) Treatment Sales & Redeem (for Tianjiu Therapy etc.)
  Item Import & Export (via Excel)  

中醫診症系統 中醫POS


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