Chain Store Retail Solution


If you have more than one retail store and the information between your stores needs to be interoperable, you will need our JetPlus backend system. The role of JetPlus is a centralized system overview that includes: conslidated & breakdown of sales figures and inventory data among stores, centralized set up of product information, interoperable of maintaining and viewing of membership program, view various reports, and more.

Online stores are increasingly important to the retail market, so it is necessary for companies to have both online and offline solutions. When the business expands that involves the wholesale business, JetPlus helps to make the processes of wholesale, procurement and warehouse management seemlessly integrated. An accounting system linked to JetPlus is required to keep company's ledger clear and well organized on a daily basis. A human resource management system that helps manage staff’s attendance records, leave requests, roster management is also a critical and irreplaceable system in a growing company. All of the above business solutions can be linked to JetPlus, so that companies can have a complete solution and with synergy going forward.

chain store infastructure

Regardless of shops or offices, it is required to have a fixed network address (Fix IP) to synchronize data. Under different situations, users can maintain product information and view various reports in the system. If the company has branches overseas, users can customize the exchange rate of different currencies and set different currency prices for the goods. Jetplus can also view the inventory of franchises across various locations. For short-term exhibition (Roadshow), data can be synchronized to Jetplus via Wi-Fi; since MePOS can operate independently without network, it can function and operate in offline mode. When the network is available again, the data will automatically synchronized to JetPlus for integrity.


User Authorization Set Up Currency Exchange Rates Customization Excel Import & Export (Product, Member & Transaction Entry)
Product Maintenance Bin Location & Lot Number (Product Master) Product Classification
Stock On Hand Report SKU ledger Gift Cert Module
Shop Payment Customization Sales Memo Amendment Shop Sales Report
Member Type Set Up Member Loyalty Program Member Bonus Point Plan Set Up
Member Mailing Label Printing Mix & Match Package Set Up
  Custom Reports – Automatically send reports to specific emails on a regular basis  


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