MePOS Beauty, Booking and POS system

The Three Main Pillars Adapted In Our MePOS System

POS Question 1

Would You Want Improving Efficiency???

POS Answer 1

Creativity - We developed our application system with a user friendly interface and intuitive thinking in mind. Hence if you can successfully start your business, you can definitely able to use this application.
POS Question 2

Would you want to save time on business operations???

POS Answer 2

Compassion - We care about the success of your business and therefore understand that you care about your customers. Having said that, your customer's profile and loyalty products can be digitally tracked to maintain that warmth experience.
POS Question 3

Would you want to access your data anytime and anywhere???

POS Answer 3

Compliance - It's a burden if you don't have all the accounting information for year-end audit. Our system provides flexibility and accountability should the time comes to provide such audit. It will definitely save on your time and allow you to concentrate on your core business.


  • Schedule Appointments Directly in the POS :
    With our salon scheduling software not only can staff schedule appointments directly in the system, but customers are able to schedule appointments online as well.

  • Salon Service Management :
    By introducing all the services that can be offered in your salon management software, along with pricing, employee's commission and service duration, you can be assured your business will run smoothly.

  • Match Customers with Salon Service Providers :
    With our AI algorithm, matching the most appropriate salon specialist to a specific customer can greatly save on your time and effort. Different types of allocation criteria can be specified based on experience, price, and history.

  • Better Appointment Overview :
    Our dashboard will allow you to see and filter all of the appointments by employee or date, making your salon POS an essential tool for overall situation reporting and business decision-making.

  • Automatic Notifications :
    You can also enable our automated notification system either by e-mail or SMS, to make sure your customers won’t forget the date and hour of their upcoming appointment. This will definitely maintain a high appointment turnout rate and improve service quality.

  • Streamlined Checkout :
    Customers will be able to choose the services and beauty products they need and easily pay for them as a part of a streamlined checkout process.

  • Employee Management :
    Timesheet scheduling increases efficiency and enhances accuracy and availability of the employee. You will know if they have gone for lunch or when they are planning to take vacations, so that no bookings are accepted in the salon POS system during those periods.

  • Manage Permissions :
    You can ensure that the employees are booked only for their relevant skills and services, so that there is no mismatch. Commissions based on each service can also be set for individual employees.

MePOS Beauty, Booking and POS system

Full set function: Trial、A La Carte、Check Box、Combo、Product Sales、Treatment Expiry Date、Commission Calculator、Member、Medical Cosmetology. etc..

MePOS Function Details:

Sales(Temporary order、reprint invoice) Refund Replacement
Day-end Summary Daily Sales Report Monthly Sales Report
Hourly Sales report Discount Sales Report Product Sales Report
Member Discount Member Level Member Record
Member Registration Member activity report Summary of member sales balance report
Member follow-up list(Report) Sales Commission Sales Report
Inventory data entry Inventory return Product Redeem
Stock Taking Print Barcode(Need to buy the barcode printing) Product Code
Inventory Report Remove Inventor Input Booking
Booking Arrangement Appointment Client Balance No surplus Treatment
Booking Report Input the service redeem (Choose the treatment, therapist and Room) Expiration date of the redeem course
Display the outstanding treatment Un paid treatments control Extend
Daily out-course report Daily Therapist commission report Monthly Therapist commission report
Out-course service report   Input the product to Excel
  Advanced Function:  
Service redeem the consumption material reference Staff sign-in & out Attendance report
Daily attendance report Promotion setting Custom sales report

美容系統 美容POS

Multi-devices beauty system

A single system across multi-platforms. Using tablet or mobile phone for member registration, sales, booking, redeem signature at anytime and anywhere, helping the therapist and consultants to provide personal service to the customers.

Beauty System Function Details:

Cashier、Installment Purchase treatments and products Renew inventory record
Member registration Member registration form - Custom questionnaire Member inquiry
Member sales report Outstanding Treatment Member outstanding treatment
Appointment record Booking Therapist, Treatment & Room Sales & redeem the Package
Client signature confirmation for service & redeem   Comprehensive report


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Member Mobile apps

Digital age is rewiring us all. Mobile phones especially smartphones have created more opportunities to the common man than any other technology in the recent past. Having this smartphone app is an integral part of keeping a good relationship with your customers. With this one-to-one marketing platform, you can easily interact with your customers and manage to keep growing your customer base.